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Common Lower unit diagram

Outboard Water Pump Repair

Just the Impeller or you can replace all gaskets

Page 2. Take your time and don't force anything.








20 Then, with a screw driver, apply rocking ,motion to both sides, moving the housing out slowly. You may or may not still have to use the wrench.

Here is the housing coming off and the blown gasket below.

Notice the small hole. make sure this is clean and free of dirt.

22 Removing gasket carefully, don't scratch the metal surface.
23 There may be rubber o-rings that seal the housing to the driveshaft. I found 2 but they were part of the housing and had springs supplying pressure sealing it to the shaft. My kit came with replacements, but it looked when I studied them, I realized that I would need to cut the original seal out. Not interested cutting anything and the seal was still in good condition, soI left it alone.
24 Another picture of housing. Clean off with a solvent (not carb cleaner) and brush.
25 Here is the gear housing with gasket removed.

Seal gearhousing with piece of plastic trashbag.

You must remove remnants of the old gasket with some gasket remover (aerosol can). You may have to do more than once and use some cue tips to remove and clean surface.


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