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Common Lower unit diagram

Outboard Water Pump Repair

Just the Impeller or you can replace all gaskets

Page 2. Take your time and don't force anything.









Here is the water pump housing, soaked in oil, and the impeller. This is a new one that was put on 1 month ago, and is OK.

If all you want to do is replace impeller, you can stop at this point and replace impeller with new one. If your impeller has the cogs already at and angle (most don't), look at picture to right and make sure you place it in as as such

If the new impeller has no bends, then it does not matter how put it in. When you first run it, the impeller will bend the way it is suppose to, just make sure you put the locking key / impeller key according to how it is suppose to fit on the driveshaft.

15 It is always a good idea to replace all gaskets whenever you replace the impeller. Here, I am removing the first gasket. This piece has a gasket on each side.
16 Here is the piece removed. The other gasket is still on the gear case housing.
17 Removing second gasket.

Here is the L shaped wrench. Use it as leverage when removing the lower impeller housing. This piece has a gasket between it and the gearcase. This is the gasket the I need to replace. Position the wrench and make sure you can use as a lever (being able to apply pressure to housing), if not, you may need to position a small shim underneath wrench so that upward pressure can be applied to housing.

This base has a small hole and oil may be coming out of it. I believe it is to relieve pressure and oil in case of over filling. Any oil drains into exhaust port. See picture 21


When a good amount of leverage is obtainable, use a shop rag sandwiched inbetween the wrench and housing (you don't want to marr the housing surface). Apply some pressure to get it loose.

You just need to move the housing a little bit, this is just to loosen it first.

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