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Common Lower unit diagram

Outboard Water Pump Repair

Just the Impeller or you can replace all gaskets

Page 2. Take your time and don't force anything.









Lay assembly on some plastic trash bags to avoid staining work space.


You can remove bolts holding impeller housing at this time (should be three of them)

You can see the oil coat, bad leak.

9. Remove rubber exhaust seal and inspect. My kit came with a replacement and so I replaced.

Remove gray rubber seal housing. Should slide right out. See the grooves that catch the lower unit, make sure you replace with the grooved side catching.

11. Remove rubber seal that is on drive shaft. Simply pull up slowly.
12. Carefully pry off impeller housing, should come off on its own, if not, use a screw driver. Avoid marring housing or applying to much pressure. You would not want this to crack.
13. Watch out for impeller locking key. It should either stay attached to impeller or may fall out as in picture. Take a look at drive shaft; there should be a flat groove, that is where the impeller key will reside when you position the new impeller.

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