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Timing 650


When those two methods are accomplished,

you next want to time the spark advance. You need to be in open water for this.....

NOTE: This is dangerous....extreme caution is advised. You must tie or secure yourself and have a partner that can hear you.

Have you partner slowly increase throttle while you aim the timing light at the mark on the flywheel. When the timing pointer is aligned with the flashing light and white mark on the flywheel indicating 23º BTDC, you need:

Repeat process until stop screw will not allow timing to advance any further.

NOTE: If you ever mess with any of the stop screws, you will need to verify all settings again, slight adjustments may offset other settings slightly. Place SMALL amount of locktite on nuts and tighten so that settings don't ever get off due to vibration.

Remember, Advance timing indicates the spark is happening early to allow for the compression and detonation to occur "while" the cylinder is on its way up. The explosion is slow and the advance gives the process some time to finish, in essence providing the best conditions for good combustion to occurr within the cylinder. If the spark is too late at higher RPMs, there is not enough pressure because the spark is not fast enough to keep up with the "best" time to detonate. It all takes time and you are adjusting the spark time to achieve an efficient detonation.

When the timing is set, lock down screws with locktite and never adjust these settings unless you find that the engine is running slugglishly.

If you have not cleaned you carburetors, then this may be all for nothing.




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