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Mercury Rectifier Troubleshooting

Testing your rectifier is one of the first things you should try if you find that your Voltmeter does not go past the 12 Volt reading even when at high RPMs.


The Mercury 650 Outboard will send the meter to 16 volts if you are not careful. The 650 is an unregulated charging system. The higher the RPMs, the higher the voltage to your battery. More on that on a seperate page.

Anyway, here are the pictures that you can follow along with.

Please note. I am using a faulty rectifier. I am not in a hurry to test my good rectifier but maybe at a later date, I will post a good and bad reading, side by side.



Here is a $9.00 meter that was purchased at evil Wal-Mart. It works for our purposes.Notice the setting at the RX1K setting. It is covered by the black lead wire.




Rectifier with A and C terminals furthest away and the single B terminal nearest the multimeter.




First, touch RED lead to G plate and BLACK lead to A and C terminals, alternating; you should see continuity. This test shows good.




Touching black lead to terminal "C"...should show continuity, this one does not show continuity, this is a bad rectifier.




Black lead to "G" and red lead to "A" and "C" post alternating. Should NOT show continuity....this is a faulty rectifier.




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