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Mercury Propeller Replacement


When the bore was finished, I removed from jig and grinded the edges of the hole smooth with a dremmel. The grinding was so the castle nut would not get caught when I tried securing it.

I replaced lower unit and installed my new propeller without a hitch.

Well, OK I had one hitch, I needed to cut the cotter pin with a dremmel so that I could put it in. Other than that, great project.

Can you do it? Maybe, maybe not, try to buy the propeller kit first. Maybe you will be luckier than me or you can also try to call the online store for some customer service. I was very impatient and becuase it was Friday night, they were all clsoed and I really needed to try my new prop with a higher pitch to see what kind of difference it made.

This is the spacing washer that pushes the prop out 1/8" - 1/4".

After this, place some prop grease on the shaft so propeller will not freeze/ corrode onto the shaft.

Washer and propeller in place. Notice how the propeller hub is now further out than than the splines of the shaft. There is no play.

2nd washer over propeller with locking washer over it (you can't see the groove on locking washer, its hidden by shaft)

Castle nut in position.

And cotter pin in place after I cut with dremmel. It is a tight snug fit and it has no play.

Since everything fits like a glove (all washers), then balancing, if it matters, should be fairly close to dead center and no wobble should occur. If you get washers that are too big, they may cause uneven pressure on the shaft resulting in uneven wear and tear. Get as close a fit as possible.





















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