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Mercury Distributor / Trigger

Common tools neededTake your time, it will be tricky but fun.




Steps Continued:


Common tools needed

You can see the washers in place. Wipe up some of the grease so that you can see what you are doing.




Common tools needed

With a small watch screwdriver(s), pry away the first washer. The only thing holding them in place is the grease so it is not very difficult. Place in a safe place where you will find later.




Common tools needed

Then, remove second washer with watch screwdrivers. You will need some needle nose pliers to squeeze the tabs holding the trigger in place. The "springing tabs" are holding the cogs that you see to the left. In order for you to see them, you will need to clean the cogs with cue tips. The "spring tabs" will be buried into a cog groove. With a screwdriver, you should be able to pry toward the shaft. It will be difficult to grab both of the springs (they are opposite of each other).



Common tools needed

You can see the spring catch on each side of the shaft. They are buried inside a groove. They have to be pulled out in order to turn and loosen the trigger. Almost there.
Autozone, O'reillys should have some spring clamp pliers to help out in the removal. While you are there, get some dialectric grease (silcone grease); you'll need to put a fresh coat on all spark plug terminals.


Back to the distributor cover.......

Common tools neededCommon tools needed

In order to remove the spark plug wires, you have to "unscrew" them. You can see an adapter on the bottom of the distributor. The wire attaches to this. It is screwed into the distributor cover.



Common tools needed

Here are all wires unscrewed from the distributor cap. It is messy but worth a look to make sure everything is in good working order. When you buy replacement wires, buy the good kind, don't skimp on this.

All parts can be cleaned with a concetrated grease remover such as Simple Green or Super Clean. Super Clean is sold at Walmart in a gallon jug. I use 1:1 ratio of water and cleaner and it works great.


Common tools needed




This is as far as I got. I placed back together and went fishing. I have recently sold engine for a new 4 stroke. The rest of repair should not be hard for you to figure out.





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