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Mercury Distributor / Trigger

Common tools neededTake your time, it will be tricky but fun.




Steps Continued:


Common tools needed

To the left, we have the top of the pulley. The square piece within the top has to come loose. The top of the pulley was hammered to keep the square piece from sliding out. I found it strange since the pulley cover should be enough to keep it in place. Anyways, the metal surrounding the square was hammered down around the square piece to keep it in place. You may have to loosen it with s small screwdriver, scraping away at the soft white metal.



Common tools needed

After loosening the top square piece, with a screwdriver, pry the pulley away from the adapter portion of the distributor. Pry then turn, pry then turn. The piece will start to rise away from the screw opening, slowly. DO NOT PRY TOO HARD!!

You have to be sure to position the screwdriver at different positions so to evenly loosen the pulley.



Common tools needed

You can help the process along by pressing the square block back and forth until it is loose. This square piece prevents the pulley from turning freely.




Common tools needed


When the piece is somewhat loose, with your hands, pry the pulley away from the distributor adapter. It will slowly give. When seperated, you will need some small screwdrivers to pry two (2) washers away from the distributor.



Common tools needed


Here we have the pulley seperated from the distributor assembly. There is still some work to do before the trigger is seperated from the adapter assembly.



Common tools needed


You can see the washers in place. Wipe up some of the grease so that you can see what you are doing.





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