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Mercury 700 Carburetor Rebuild



Take your time; it can be frustrating, but is worth it. A clean carburator can save you lots of headaches.

Wear gloves, some of these chemiclas are bad for you. I didn't and I should of worn something. Its like a condom, it will leave you with less worries down the road.

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11. This particular engine has an enrichment valve instead of a butterfly. It increases the amount of fuel being sent. Remove lever by unscrewing one screw. Look at how it is assembled, not too difficult. It is easy to re-assemble. Pull out and notice spring and how it locks to carburetor.
12. Remove fuel inlet valve carefully. You may have to hold carburetor with vise and use shop rags on carburetor (don't squeeze vise onto carburetors, sandwich inbetween rags for cushions so as not to mar carburetors) Any sealant will have to come off and the screen comes out believe it or not, but it will require some ingenuity on your part. I used an EagleClaw hook. I bent the fishing hook using a vise and pliers, inserted into screen so that it caught (there is nothing underneath screen that can be damaged by hook) and pulled away with plier. It can be difficult. After cleaning and pushing compressed air through it to remove debris, slip new screen in, fits like a glove.

Don Your safet goggles and spray carburetors in carburetor cleaner and let soak for at least an hour. This will make it easier to remove some of those gummed up screws, bolts. If you don't soak, you may strip some parts. When ready, dissassmble as far as you can go. Make sure you use proper size phillips head screwdriver. have various sizes availble; one size does not fit will end up stripping the head.

NOTE - high speed jets are only adjusted if they are replaced by a larger size jet. So they basically cannot be adjusted on this carberator, only serviced / cleaned. If you notice the bolt has red material and should not be removed. It is accessible for cleaning through the fuel bowl.

14. When completely dissassembled (or as far as you can, some screws just may not come off), don your safety goggles and spray the parts with carburetor cleaner, making sure you get into each and every hole, pipe. Use compressed air to blow out the piece after each cleaning. Be careful not to blow the needle as this has a piece of plastic and the compressed air may actually blow the piece of plastic off. Use pipe cleaners (tobacco pipes) to get into areas that you cannot physically clean, sort of like cleaning a weapon..same equipment..same process. If you see varnish like substance on some parts, make sure you remove; the varnish like substance is because fuel was left sitting for long periods of time, hence the need for fuel stabilizer; it prevents the varnish like substance from forming.  


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