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Mercury 700 Carburetor Rebuild



FIRST things first!!! BE SAFE

Remove / disconnect all power supplies. No need to get electrocuted / executed.


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When the intake is off, you can then remove choke linkage from choke assembly with a screwdriver and work it slowly, if you look at it, you can see one goes up and down and the other goes left and right, pry it loose with a screwdriver, carefully.


Remove 4 bolts holding carburetors in place (2 per carburetor) and the carburetor may drop slightly, if not you may have to pull a lilttle to loosen the gaskets.



When loose, carefully remove both carburetors, snaking the fuel hose through the left side being careful not to apply to much pressure on the carburetors. There a plastic piece that links the throttle to both carburetors. You don't want to break this piece.

Lay your carburetors on some plastic garbages bags or in a bin that you will use to clean them with the carburetor cleaner.


IMPORTANT - place a few pieces of plastic garbage bags into holes so that no debry gets into throats.

With a wire brush, remove as much of the gasket remnants as possible. Spray some of that nasty gasket remover and let sit for 10-15 minutes and then scrub with wire brush again.

9. Remove the fuel hoses at this time. Notice thier lengths prior to removal and mark them. You should have 2 of them. 1 links both carburetors together and another feeds fuel into the carburetors from the fuel filter. Don't confuse them with other fuel hoses in case you also removed them. Seperate both carburetors and work on one at a time. Notice the fuel stains on table, hence the need for plastic bags, hehe.

Pretty much at this time, start removing every single screw / bolt you can find. Be careful when removing the bowl. It has a needle inside and it may fall out. Use that organizer to hold various screws.

NOTICE - any screw that has red sealant is suppose to stay in place. According to manufacturer, it does not need to be removed and can be impossible. If you have the time and parts, then you can attempt to remove so that vent can be cleaned and screw replaced if necessary.

Notice plastic throttle lever, this links throttle adjustments to both carburetors, don't break it. Remove screw and plastic washer that resides inside screw hole. Notice that this goes on top carburetor and also how the throttle lever catches this plastic lever. It has to go on the same way in order to transfer the adjustments you make on the remote. Play around with and get familiar until it makes sense how it works before you take off.

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