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Carburetor Schematic

Mercury 700 Carburetor Rebuild

OK, here we have an old Mercury 700 circu 1977. It has 2 outboard carburetors and they are fairly easy to work on. I will go over the various components that have to be removed in order to get to the carburetors. If you have the option, please take pictures. These engines sound solid and I would hate for you to mess up the wiring and end up with a non-functioning engine.. ..... Now to the meat and potatoes!!

Used, old, corroded but has potential.

When I first got my hands on this bad boy, it would crank and would start up after 5 minutes of cranking and cooling. It was in bad shape, by the looks of it, it was kept outdoors, uncovered and was not maintained AT ALL!!!

Just messing around with it, I noticed all headbolts to be corroded. I really had doubts on the condition of the carbs being workable. I went to work.


FIRST things first!!! BE SAFE

Remove / disconnect all power supplies. No need to get electrocuted / executed.

Equipment needed:

  1. Basic tools - wrenches / wratchets / screwdrivers
  2. plastic organizer for various small parts (rubbermaid, etc)
  3. plenty of shop rags
  4. couple of plastic bags
  5. carburetor cleaner
  6. gasket remover (available in aerosol can)
  7. carburetor gasket set or repair parts kit / replacement parts set (see,
    This is what the proper carb kit looks like
  8. gasket sealant, dressing / prep (needs to be for carburetor, fuel resistant)
  9. new fuel lines, various sizes based on removal (better to replace)
  10. compressed air (can or compressor)
  11. Safety goggles and breathing mask
  12. Patience

When all power has been removed follow the steps below.

1. remove carburetor plastic cover, then put screws back on front area so you don't lose them.  
2. Remove second plastic cover, dust cover (has rubber seal). You need to remove four bolts holding this cover in place, when removed, place four bolts back on carburetor so you dont lose.
3. remove carburetor fuel feed line. Disconnect from fuel filter and then let this hose hang. No need to disconnect it from carburetor. It is easier to do so later when carburetor is out.
4. Disconnect choke assembly. You first have to remove plastic air intake chambers from rightside of engine. It is attached to front assembly and has 2 bolts holding it in place.

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