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Carburetor Schematic

Mercury 650 Carburetor Rebuild



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After starter is gone, you will have access to carbuerator float bowl bolts. They are the small bolts on carburetor cover. The top cover can be loosened and turned. Be careful, as the fuel lines are still attached. The bottom one will only be able to be loosened and will have to be turned so you can have access to the carburetor mounting bolts. The bowl cover is in the way, so you have to remove small cover bolts and turn cover counterclockwise. If you look at pic, you can see the fuel valve in the way. With it moved, you can use a wrench to loosen and remove from the side, as it is not accessable from the front.

Most of the problems associated with carburetor removal are becuase the bottom left mounting bolt holding the carburetor in place. It cannot be accessed until starter is removed.

Remove fuel line that sits on top of carb. You only need to remove one end and that is the end that is to the front. See pic below.

23. Both carbs have to come out together becuase they are attached with the bolts staying onto powerhead. If you remove the top one (impossibel) by itself, you will risk breaking the throttle linkage that connects both carbs together. Stay with me, you must do it in this order.
24. Loosen, remove bolts holding bowl cover from top carburetor. You may have to remove fuel hose from the top in order to get access to carb mounting bolt on left. The right side mounting bolts should be accessible. You can leave fuel line from fuel filter connected to carburetor as it is too difficult to remove at this time.

After you have remove the top nuts, go back to bottom and if the top of that bowl has been loosened and turned (almost impossible to remove), you should have all four nuts removed.

This whole process was trying to get to the left nut holding the lower carb in place. If you think you can access it another way, by all means try it.


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