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Carburetor Schematic

Mercury 650 Carburetor Rebuild



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Stator wires removed. After everything is removed, you can attempt to remove.

Be careful with choke assembly, make sure you guide the palstic bar down away from the choke assembly. You have to lift it out and the up so that choke bar is not damage. Pay special attention to that choke assembly. All screws to choke cover should be off, so the cover will slide down when you remove the front cover and watch the plastic piece that is inside the choke mechanism, carefully remove the assembly so that yoou avoid damage to it. If it soes break, you can rig it up with a piece of wire connecting both ends.

18. Lower front assembly bracket removed.
19. Drain hose removed from front cover, should slide right off.

If you went a different route, you can remove the plastic bar that feeds into the choke; you have to bend it and for a while, I thought it might break, the result are to the right. It probably is best if you just remove the screws to the choke cover first that way the cover just slides down and you don't risk breaking the plastic piece. I have done it both ways (and I even broke it the last time I tried 3rd time is a doozy)

Front cover removed, exposing the choke cover assembly. You can remove all four screws holding it in place. Leave the brass bolts alone, those are part of the carb.


Here is the choke assembly off. From here you need to remove starter to get access to the carburetor bolts.

Remove top bolts for starter and loosen lower bolts and slide starter out.

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