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Carburetor Schematic

Mercury 650 Carburetor Rebuild



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Here is a picture of that choke assembly with the plastic bar and pipe bar inside choke assmebly. This will slide out but NOT YET!

When we get to that step, you will have to lift upward in order to avoid damage to the plastic piece. YOU will have to remove the BOTTOM part of the front cover first. Remember, you must have all screw holding the choke cover off.

An alternative process would be to simply and slowly slide the piece down gently. I managed to slide it out the first time I did this. The plastic piece does bend but if you are not careful, it could snap in two pieces. The metal piece that slides up into the bore gets pulled by a magnetic when you press the choke button..causing it to rise and close the butterfly.... cutting off air to the the intake port.

12. Remove lower bracket nut that holds front cover in place.
13. Remove carburetor feed line from fuel filter.
14. Another picture of fuel feed line connected, need to remove
15. Remove the fuel feed line that comes from your fuel tank (connected to front assembly)
16. Rectifier - You need to disconnect the yellow/red wires that come from the stator underneath the flywheel. You should attempt to mark the wires indicating which one is on top and bottom. I used a razor and etched T and B on the metal connectors. I don't think it matters which goes where, but just in case. Also, leave the red wire in place marked with a + sign as this will not intefere with the removal of front cover.


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