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Carburetor Schematic

Mercury 650 Carburetor Rebuild



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4. You will have to remove the green cable (lower left of pic) that goes to coil. It will catch as you pull cover out. You may also have to remove small black cable that seems to go to starter assembly. Can't remember.

Take the nut off the upper bracket assembly (upper right part of pic) and take the lower bracket nut off. Place screws in safe place. Don't pull yet.


You can loosen the four screws holding the carburetor cover / choke assembly at this time. If you don't, you will break the choke piece that is inside choke assembly. When all screws are off, the metal choke cover may slide down.


Here is the picture of the lower screw, hidden, don't forget about this one. This only removes the choke assembly, but wait, there is more to remove before you pull this off.


If you look at the choke barrel above the carburator, there is a pipe going into the choke mechanism. Then there is a plastic piece attached to the pipe barrel.

This plastic piece will break if you do not pay attention to it. You can attempt to remove the whole piece of plastic from the front to avoid breaking the piece of plastic that feeds into choke barrel. It will slide out as you remove the front cover. READ ON FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTION.


Picture of top of carburetor. You will have to remove starter assembly in order to remove carburetor, but don't get ahead. The front cover assembly still needs to come off. Almost there.


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