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Have a look see.

This is my shot a starting a website with a community with a common help each other. The forum is currently in the works but does not function correctly. When I get a chance, I will troubleshoot it. When I initially started to look for information concerning outboards, it was rare to find a site with all information required. I hope to turn this site into something useful for everyone.

I bought a Merc 650 as a starter engine, and it has paid off for me. I have learned lots of information about boat engines from this one jewel. If you are looking for a hobby, give engine rebuilding / repair a try. It will bring you many hours of enjoyment or frustration. I no longer use the engine since I purchased a new Kenner Center Console with a 90 HP Suzuki 4 stroke with the proceeds that this site brings in (ya, right). The 4 stroke is much, much quieter and fuel effecient. I still tinker with the engines and plan on buying some other used ones whn I make some more room in garage.

The 650, I must say is a fuel hog. 6 gallons does not go a long way. Especially at a high RPMs. The charging system at first was sporadic, but after setting the timing and making fine adjustments on the idle, it charges high, really high (14.5 - 15.8 Volts) and this is normal for this type of rectifier, but I would prefer to keep it below the 15 volt mark. In order to retrofit a regulator, you need to purchase a new regulator/rectifier and also install a new / different trigger. For now, I just have my running lights on when I have high RPMs. Electronic devices (fish finders) don't like the high voltage. I currently don't have any expensive devices but will fit an accessory switch and will have it off while the motor is on to avoid damaging any items. Another option is to wire a second deep cycle battery for your electronic devices. You can recharge the deep cycle when you get home.

Back to the fuel, when I changed the prop, the new prop changed the RPMs from running at about 5500 RPMs at full WOT to 4500 RPMs. I liked the improvement in speed with the lower RPMs. It saves me fuel cost by running at a lower RPMs, but has higher RPMs while idleing, so the shift from neutral to forward is not as smooth as it should be. I will probably be changing to a prop with a pitch of 13 with 10.5 Diameter.
The prop I purchased is slightly too big (my choice); it was originally 10.5' diameter and the new one is 11.25' diameter. I still have the older one in case I ever use the engine for water skiing.
I have even adjusted the WOT so that the highest RPMs that I can reach is 4000 RPMs. I feel that is probably the most I need to get me where I need to go with a reasonable amount of speed. It is again, much better at fuel consumption. Again, this is my personal settings and those RPMs may not be suitable for you if you are pushing a large load or boat.
In order to test performance on the 650, I initially removed the hydrofoil plate and noticed the boat would not plane unless at 4500 RPMs and would suffer from poor performance at lower RPMs. The hydrofoil was placed back on and the boat would come out of the water and would instantly plane at lower RPMs. The hydrofoil is a must.

The 650 just needed a little TLC, the 700 is terrible but is getting better. The 700 is running now, but I am still awaiting a special order for motor mounts. These were solidly corroded into place so I had to ruin the mount so that I could service the rest of the lower unit. The mount is not in stock, so I wait patiently. I am confident that the engine will seal properly and may switch from the 650 to the 700 as my fishing engine.

I have tons of pics on this site and am trying to create a DIY page for each particular repair. Carburetor links are up and almost complete. Water pump link is complete. Painting is complete, but I need to post more pictures of progression. I have tons of pictures, lots of repairs finsihed, just need time to post a tutorial. If you have a different engine, you may still be able to use some of this info because some repairs are the same or very similar for other outboards.

My plan is to post better menu links and include as much information on wiring and other pertinent information concerning various outboards as I get my hands on them. Currently, I only have information for Mercury since they are my current projects.

If you have information on other models and have some pictures, please do a write up on dissassembly and repair. We all know that a manual only goes over so much, and certain repairs get complicated. Thats is what this site is for; to help us all out.

This site was created at the beginning of February 2007 and It will hopefully grow. It is already ranking at the top of search engine results.

I realize there are lots of grammatical errors, but that is all of little concern at this point. It is better to get the point across and worry later if I have made a mistake misplacing an "i" or "o". I will eventually get to it. Did you know that this site could save you time. Instead of fumbling through a repair,, take a look at my fumbling and learn. I may run across something you were not aware of.

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